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3 Eco-friendly Outdoor Holiday Lighting Ideas

When the holidays come around, you want to make sure your outdoor lights are perfect for the occasion. Even if you don’t celebrate, there’s something about “I survived 12.21.2012” that will give you something to be glad for! Besides, everyone is in a festive mood, so it’s a great time to light up your yard and join in the festivities.

Today, more people are conscious about not wasting electricity than ever before, and they are constantly on the look-out for better ways to help the environment on a personal level. Let this be your final contribution to the earth for the magical year it has been.


You definitely saw this one coming, didn’t you? Light-Emitting Diodes are prolific in today’s technology – televisions, computers and nearly all types of electronic gadgets carry these in one form or another; so why not your outdoor landscape lighting for the holiday season? Serial mini-lights are typically used to adorn your landscape components, and they can make your garden sparkle at night.

Drape them around trees or garden statues and ornaments, or use them to line your driveway or garden path. They are very versatile and lend themselves to creativity easily. But be careful of wiring or overloading your circuits with excessive use.

Use a Programmable Timer

This is a very efficient way of saving electricity and the environment. Change the settings according to the social events you host throughout the holidays. The idea is to only use the lights when people are either in your yard or you can see them from the outside. For New Year’s Eve, for example, set them to run a little longer – maybe until about 2 or 3 am. On the other days, time them to go off exactly at midnight. You might want them to come on as you turn on the inside lights in the evening, or any time you prefer. A timer is efficient and a great way to save power, and it will help keep your light bill down – considering the season.

Use Solar Lanterns or Natural Covered Candles

Investing in solar lanterns can help you year round – not just for the holidays. To add a little color, consider colored gel papers that are used in theaters and music concerts. You can also try natural candles inside a lantern dome so it’s suitable for outdoor use. Both these options are very creative and will impress your guests much more than traditional lighting. Hang them on tree branches; set them along your porch, or create a magical garden pathway to the party area. But be careful of fire hazards and make sure the kids can’t get to them if you’re using candles.

These three ideas can make “conservation” the focal point of the festivities. When coupled with other green ideas, they make for a great holiday theme, too.