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2 reasons why you should install your irrigation system this fall

After such a sweltering summer there are many home and business owners that are likely considering adding an irrigation system to their outdoor spaces next year. Not only will this help to uniformly water their gardens and lawns but it also allows them the flexibility to be away and not have to rely on a friend or neighbor to take care of the property. With rain puddles gathering and morning frost on the ground, it’s hard to imagine that an irrigation system is needed. However, fall into months winter months are the best time of year to install one. Here’s why.

#1: Perfect soil temperature 

Ironically enough, your soil’s temperature will is better this time of year as opposed to the dry summer days. This is because it retains moisture content, making it easier to dig pipes into it without disturbing the landscape and potentially damaging your plants.

#2: Ready for springtime

Installing your home irrigation system in the fall season means that you’re ready ahead of schedule for when springtime arrives. Instead of digging up your grass and installing the system, you can simply turn it on when the rain slows down to allow your beautiful landscape to remain green and healthy into summer. 

Don’t forget to add some winter lights

While you’re already out digging to prepare the installation of your irrigation system, why not install some inground lighting, flood lights, or path-area lights as well? These fixtures offer ample illumination for walkways, doorways, gardens, and other faraway areas of your surrounding property. Advertised as winter lights, they function well under extreme weather conditions and will continue to provide vibrancy and a contemporary aesthetic at other times of the year as well. Their sturdy construction, backed by the best manufacturing technology, ensures longstanding enjoyment in outdoor spaces after dark.

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Have you ever installed an irrigation system? Drop any tips that you have for our readers in the comments section below.