How to Incorporate Pendant Lighting into Your Landscape

Pendant lighting is a type of light that suspends from a ceiling or roof area. It is most often used to illuminate patios, porches and entryways. Pendant lights are known for their aesthetic value and their ability to not only illuminate a space, but also to add a layer of elegance, sophistication and style to a backyard.… Read the rest

Features of the 21st Century Landscape Design

Technology is exploding at an alarming rate and landscape design has been striving to keep up. The 21st century landscaper likes to stay with the times and try new ideas to keep the landscape modern and fresh.

If you are interested in “keeping up with the Joneses” or you are simply looking for different ways to express your creativity, try these modern ideas in your landscape.… Read the rest

The Many Outdoor Uses of Bollard Lights

Bollard lights are used in commercial landscapes, but they have also become widely popular on residential properties. They provide a functional illumination, are aesthetically pleasing, and also add a level of security to any area.

Bollard lights enclose their illumination in a vertical post mounted into the ground.… Read the rest