The Benefits of Working with a Landscape Professional

Though many DIY landscapers enjoy maintaining their home inside and out, some are fed up with the work and want to hire a professional. Between the season changes, grass and weed growth, and worrying, handing over the work to someone who has much more experience may be just what the doctor ordered.… Read the rest

How to Transform the Look of Your Deck with Outdoor Lighting

Is your deck not what it once was? Everything grows old over time, even our home features. And it can be quite costly to bring them back to their original luster. Though some homeowners may have thousands of dollars to spend on refurbishing or building entirely new decks, many struggle just to make ends meet.… Read the rest

The Top 4 Most Popular Eco-Friendly Landscaping Trends

Landscaping trends come and go but there are many that withstand the test of time. The eco-friendly movement is no stranger to the landscaping industry and many homeowners are adapting its practices.

If you are concerned about the environment and you take pride in your landscape and its beautification, you are most likely practicing at least one of these trends.… Read the rest

“Do It Yourself” Motion Sensor Lighting Tips for Your Landscape

Motion sensor lights are an essential component of any landscape lighting design. They are often overlooked because they don’t offer the beauty and majesty of an elegant lighting design, but they are very important for safety reasons.

Motion sensor lighting will illuminate walkways, paths, gates, stairways and any other area where safety is a top priority.… Read the rest

Tips to Creating a Successful Garden Lighting Design

A beautiful landscaped garden without lighting is a garden that is lacking in appearance. You simply cannot appreciate a garden’s beauty without lighting it to enhance its magnificence.

Below are some tips to beautify your garden with some easy, yet functional techniques:

Double Duty – You can kill two birds with one stone with double duty lighting.… Read the rest