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LED Flood Light - BPL100 Low Voltage Landscape Lights

Model: LED-BPL100-RST 9 reviews $25.50

Our LED Low Voltage Flood Lights are explicitly designed to light up a large area with their widespread illumination—which will definitely make a difference in the overall appearance of your landscape at night! These Low Voltage security lights are probably one of the most cost-effective lighting fixtures on the market, as they’re highly versatile and capable of lighting up your outdoor areas with ease.

Featuring clean construction and rust-colored finishing, this Low Voltage LED Flood Light from Best Pro Lighting won't give you a hard time when it comes to placement, as it fits the landscape to go anywhere you put it. Most importantly, the materials used in this fixture are what truly separates it from the ordinary flood light you'll find out there. If you're in the market for some top-notch voltage flood lights, you're in the right place.



Flood lights are used to cover a wide surface area with vibrant illumination in every surrounding direction.


If you're wondering how to best use this Low Voltage LED Flood Light on your landscape, here are a few ideas:

  • Illuminate parking areas
  • Brighten up blind spots
  • Highlight the roofline
  • Illuminate outdoor pool area
  • Provide safe, effective driveway lighting
  • Provide safe, effective walkway lighting



  • Die-cast aluminum swivel with 1/2 NPT hub on bottom
  • Also available with a Black Finish
  • G4 Socket
  • 12V, G4 Base 3W LED 270 Lumen 2700K warm white color temperature included, rated 50W max.
  • The fixture is prewired with a 3ft 18-2 direct burial cord
  • Wire nuts are sold separately
  • Black 1/2 ABS spike with 1/2 NPT male hub mounting spike



  • 12V transformers are required to power this low-voltage flood light, which will prevent unwanted electric shocks and short circuits that could potentially damage your fixture. Low Voltage Transformers safely convert the voltage output that will be appropriate for powering your landscape lighting systems. Several models are available right here at Best Pro Lighting.
  • The 12V Halogen Lamp's voltage range is 11V-12.5V. 
  • The 8V-21V is the voltage range for LED Lamps.
  • This Rust LED Low Voltage Flood Light requires greasing and lubrication of the threaded parts during installation.
  • Best Pro Lighting offers a five-year warranty on fixture housing and stems against manufacturing defects. Rest assured that you'll get your money's worth on these high-quality flood lights.


Where to Buy Rust LED Low Voltage Flood Light?

Low Voltage Security Lights are important fixtures that should be present in any landscape lighting system. Fortunately, you won't have to go elsewhere as we at Best Pro Lighting try our best to supply everything you'll need when it comes to outdoor lighting.


Go ahead and check out this top-quality, affordable Rust Low Voltage LED Flood Light that’s available online today!

  • Material: Heavy Duty Cast Aluminum with powder coated finish
  • Finish: Rust
  • Glass: Tempered and heat resistant clear glass
  • 3W LED JC Bi Pin G4 Base  2700K / 270 Lumens and a Free Halogen Bulb are Included: 12V JC Bi Pin 20W (50W Max)
  • Wire Length: 18"
  • Ground Spike Included

Wire Nuts and Connectors are not included.

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