Pagoda Lights

What are pagoda lights?

Outdoor landscape lights are offered in a wide variety of types, including a vast selection of very popular pagoda lights. Pagoda lights are quickly becoming the up-and-coming outside fixture for all your landscape lighting needs allowing home and business owners to choose from an assortment of styles, colors, finishes, and sizes. Aside from the unique shape that closely resembles the ornamental details of a sacred Hindu or Buddhist temple, these many-tiered fixtures are practical, functional, and aesthetically pleasing and the best pagoda lights are built to last a lifetime!

That being said, before deciding which type of pagoda lights to buy for your particular outdoor setting, consider the following factors: 


  • Coverage: To appeal to all shoppers, we offer both LED and regular low voltage pagoda lights. While their appearance is similar, don’t be fooled. LED pagoda lights offer a more vibrant coverage, which may be better suited for your walkways. 

  • Climate: While the best pagoda lights work in all types of weather, some are not suited for extreme weather conditions. Be sure to check what the finishing is on your product. Most high-quality lights will be protected from water, sun, and general wear-and-tear.

  • Power source: All electrical pagoda lights require a hard-wired outlet, so be sure you install your fixtures near a suitable power source or be prepared to do a little digging to hide your wires underground or within your planters.

  • Cost: While LED fixtures are known for being energy-efficiency, which will contribute to added savings in your pocket, they do cost more and are easy enough to upgrade over time.

  • Installation: Pick some pagoda lights that possess clear instructions and require little to no tools to install. This will make your design process more exciting and encourage you to continue your outdoor lighting scheme and purchase a wider variety of fixtures. 


How do they benefit your home, business, or commercial property? 


We’ve compiled a list of benefits offered by outdoor pagoda lights that might help you to decide if these trending fixtures are suited to your outdoor needs: 


  • Great for multiple outdoor areas: Whether you’re wanting to brighten up your walkways, planters, driveways, or larger commercial spaces, pagoda lights offer a functional touch that provides usability in a variety of outdoor spaces. 

  • They look great: It’s hard to argue against the timeless design of the pagoda light! Featured in both black and rust finishes, this fixture continues to be a top-seller, regardless of the season. 

  • Adequately light up surrounding areas: While pagoda lights are primarily used for residential and business purposes, they are still a great choice for commercial owners. After all, it’s always safer to have your walkways lit up to prevent unwanted injuries in the workplace!


If you’re experiencing any doubts about which pagoda lights to order and require assistance or simply can’t find what you’re looking for, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are always happy to direct shoppers in the right direction of the best pagoda lights to meet their needs. 

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