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Why you should upgrade your builder-grade lighting

Vibrant lighting is often one of the most overlooked upgrades to the exterior of a home or business. With elements like safety, security, and ambiance in mind, you’d think more residential and commercial properties would possess more than a simple porch light or the odd light-up path fixture? Needless to say, if your property currently has a few builder-grade light fixtures that provide illumination to the space, this blog is here to convince you of the benefits of upgrading the current lighting situation to add a unique, efficient, and valuable touch while drastically changing the appearance for the better. 

What is builder-grade lighting?

Builder-grade lighting is a term that has been pinned within the industry to describe lighting that’s mass-produced using inexpensive materials. This does not mean that the light fixtures are bad but instead means that they’re accessible and commonly found. 

That said, at Best Pro Lighting, we want your home or business to make a statement using our dazzling, efficient, outdoor lighting. Below are some reasons that you should upgrade from builder-grade light fixtures to our high-quality LEDs

Best Pro Lighting fixtures are unique

Aside from offering purposeful light fixtures, our vast selection also features some unique options to choose from. Choose from various shaped bullet lights, pagoda or small hat path lights, and beautiful in-ground well lights to light up your outdoor areas. The best part is that aside from vibrant illumination, shoppers can choose from a variety of finishes, receive hardware with their purchase, and gain access to fixtures that are durable, functional, and rotate/adjust in every desired direction.  

Best Pro Lighting fixtures are more efficient

It’s common knowledge that builder-grade light fixtures are mass-produced, heightening the chances of a purchaser receiving a product with some type of noticeable deficiency, whereas our professional landscape designs are manufactured in-house, packaged, shipped, and sold by our team of certified professionals with over 20 years of electrical contractor experience. We take pride in the lights we sell and guarantee customers that our selection will outperform builder-grade light fixtures anytime! 

Best Pro Lighting fixtures hold better value

Whether you want to purchase one light fixture or 100+ light fixtures to complete your illuminative project, there is no minimum order required to obtain our best prices. We strongly believe that by offering the best prices on the market, combined with superb customer service, that customers will continue to come back and tell their loved ones to shop from us as well. Also, as we sell directly to you from the convenience of our warehouse, there are no extra landscape lighting costs associated with getting your products to you. Simply peruse our selection of high-quality fixtures, read the reviews, and anticipate your next exciting lighting project!

What other reasons do you love shopping with us? Please leave some honest feedback below for our readers.