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Why You May Need to Hire A Landscape Lighting Designer

While it is perfectly fine to turn your landscape lighting design into a DIY project, it’s also important to know when the project takes on a life of its own.

Your decision about whether to hire a professional will depend on your skill level and the scope of your project. If you are at all apprehensive about taking on the design, here are some reasons as to why hiring a professional will help in the long run:

Creative Input

Though you may have tons of ideas of how you want your landscape lighting to look, a professional will have years of experience to offer you which will make your design that much more beautiful. A professional can also provide technical expertise and prevent you from making mistakes along the way.

Lighting designers understand correct placement, shading properties, and the fixtures that lead to desired effects. They know how to enhance your home and playoff its features instead of just shining light into an area. You may know what you want but how you get there may be outside of your skill level.


Some lighting fixtures are simple to install, like solar lights, but when cables, transformers, and connectors are involved, the process can become quite complex. Professionals know where to dig so it does not destroy your current landscape and how to best wire the lights without disrupting the ambiance of what you already possess.


Cost is a major concern when hiring a professional and sometimes it is out of the question. However, if you are tackling a big job that involves a lot of installation, it may be worth your while to at least consult with a professional. It will cost more money in the long run if you inadvertently cause damage instead of getting it done the right way the first time.


Your lighting designer should also offer some type of maintenance so you are covered should an unexpected event occur. Weather and accidents are par for the course and maintenance is a much-needed service.

Important elements to discuss with your lighting design professional

Just because you hire a designer does not mean you are excluded from the design process. As a homeowner, you should actively participate in the process.

Safety and security

Let your designer know how important safety is to you and your family. Take a walk around your property and notice the areas where safety is a concern, like on walkways and paths, in doorways, and near stairs.

Remember that the elderly may require brighter lighting so inform your designer of the ages of the people who will be using the property. Security lighting is also too bright and it leaves dark areas. Your designer can help you by replacing this lighting with lower-intensity, safer lights.


If you are concerned about energy usage, discuss these issues with your designer right away. In fact, if “green living” is important, choose a lighting designer who understands these principles.

A great lighting designer will encourage your participation and seek to honor your needs and desires. Take the extra time to find a skilled professional and do your homework before beginning the process.