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Outdoor Holiday Lighting Ideas

Outdoor Holiday Lighting Ideas

Tis’ the season for adorning our homes with beautiful Christmas lights. But with so many decorative options to choose from, it may be hard to narrow down the type of light displays you want to showcase this year. Additionally, if you already have a number of landscape lights, it may be difficult to think of ways of incorporating them into your holiday light show. Here’s a list of outdoor holiday lighting ideas that are sure to help motivate and inspire you.

Brilliant Bushes and Trees

While you can use traditional string lights to decorate trees and bushes, it’s far easier to use net lighting for maximum coverage. If you already use well lights or flood lights to illuminate your trees and bushes, you may want to switch to a lower wattage bulb so that the lighting doesn’t overpower your Christmas lights.

Festive Pathways

Whether you choose to wrap a string of lights around your existing pathway lights or place decorative holiday lanterns next to them, there are many ways to integrate your existing lighting into your holiday display. While warm white lights will naturally blend with any landscape lighting you already have, it is possible to change the bulbs in your existing landscape lighting to colors such as red and green, which will make your pathway more Christmassy.

Decorative Decks and Patios

Whether you decide to embellish your patio with curtain lights or hang decorative icicles off the railing, there are many options when it comes to decorating your decks and patios for the holiday season. If you already have deck or patio lights year-round, you can quickly update them for the holidays by placing them inside decorative lanterns.

Dazzling Doorways

Whether you choose to adorn your doorway with a pre-lit holiday wreath or drape lights around the stair railing of your front porch, a well-lit and decorative entryway is a great way to make your home warm and inviting for your guests. And to add a decorative touch to your porch, try hanging pre-lit snowflakes or garlands.

Other Ideas

  • Decide on a color scheme or theme before you start decorating.
  • Be sure always to use LED lights because they are brighter, last longer, and have less of an impact on your electric bill.
  • Use spotlights to draw attention to any holiday displays will you have on your front lawn.
  • Make sure the lights you choose are waterproof before installing them outdoors.

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