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Keep your commercial property safe with outdoor security lighting

Whether you own a commercial property or are in charge of the maintenance of its grounds, an outdoor lighting system that promotes safety and security should be at the top of your priority list. Not only does outdoor security lighting beautify surrounding areas but it strengthens the security of property, which is an important step towards increasing the resilience of your space to mischief and theft. That being said, continue reading to learn further perks of outdoor security lighting. Your tenants and guests will thank you!

What types of commercial properties benefit from outdoor security lighting? 

While it’s no secret that the proper lighting will improve the ambiance of your outdoor setting, many commercial businesses and facilities fixate on using it to improve the security of their property. 

Here are the types of commercial settings that benefit most from outdoor security lighting:

 Category  Examples
 Leisure  Hotels, public houses, restaurants, cafes, sports facilities
 Retail/Office  Retail stores, shopping malls, other types of shops, office buildings, and serviced offices
 Land  Farm, undeveloped, raw, or rural land that’s set aside for development
 Healthcare  Medical centers, hospitals, and nursing homes
 Multifamily   Dwellings  Multifamily housing buildings (in many places, residential properties that contain more than a certain   number of units is classified as commercial property)

How does outdoor security lighting help keep your commercial properties safe?

Although lighting enables seamless maneuverability for pedestrians, employees, and guests to find their way about during the evening hours, it’s equally as important to utilize illumination to keep the property secure and protect it from intruders and vandalism when no one is around. 

Situational examples of where outdoor security lighting should be used:

  • Decrease criminal trespassing: When you increase the visibility of your property, it’s far less convenient to enter it unseen. 
  • Hidden areas become illuminated: Eliminating dark corners is a great way to deter areas from becoming appealing hiding spots. 
  • Enables face recognition: While some trespassers might still take the risk of committing a crime under the cover of light, outdoor security lighting will help passersby identify them and assist your security camera in picking up a better shot. 
  • Deters wildlife: There are many hazards for animals on commercial properties and the installation of adequate outdoor lights works at dealing with wildlife and keep them from entering your property. Plus, if you have a farm, you don’t want them eating your crops either!

What are the most popular types of outdoor security lighting?

While all of our fixtures possess the ability to competently light up your property, some are better suited for commercial settings:

To derive the maximum benefits from your outdoor security lighting, the proper design is key. Be sure to select fixtures with lights that are bright enough to help people see and aim them directly in areas where you need the most security (entrances, exits, pathways, etc.). Also, your outdoor lights should work in conjunction with any installed security cameras. 

Are you ready to boost the security of your commercial property? Drop a comment below if you feel we missed a topic of interest or concern.