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3 tips to getting your home fall-ready

Whether you’re ready or not, fall is moving in fast, and as the days get shorter, it’s time to start thinking about how you should be preparing your home and garden for the brisker months ahead. Below we’ve listed some tips on how you can stay cozy both inside and outside this season!

Clean out gutters and downspouts 

The first signs of fall are undoubtedly the dwindling leaves remaining on the tree branches. However, with the lack of foliage signaling summer’s end, another strong indication should be the buildup of leaves that could result in water blockages, leaks, or even mold when the gutters and downspouts aren’t properly cleaned out. While their removal is a time-consuming task, regular maintenance is imperative until all of the surrounding trees are leaf-free. So, to avoid unwanted water making its way inside or full gutters and downspouts offering an invitation for critters to nest in your roof and/or attic, be sure to check this task off your to-do list multiple times during the first few weeks of fall.

Caulk around your windows, doors, and other openings

Chaulking prevents any cold air from getting into your home and keeps the warm air from seeping out. Even if you recently caulked your windows and doors, it’s still a good idea to do a perimeter check around these openings to ensure that your indoor temperatures as cozy leading into fall, while also being mindful of your energy conversation and money savings. 

Install some vibrant outdoor lighting 

While this time of year is all about keeping comfortable inside, one can still expect crisp evenings spent out on the deck and patio. Although a warm fire, some cozy fleece, and an awning are all fall-friendly additions that make your outdoor area more enjoyable throughout the season, nothing beats the intimate glow of some vibrant outdoor lights. Even though fall string lights boast popularity for those shopping online, it’s more cost-effective to purchase high-quality lights that add a bit more to your ambiance and also exhibit high practicality with illumination that helps to navigate safety and security. Fall string lights are great for hanging in the trees but directional lights, path lights, and step-deck lights look great, highlight obstacles, and assist guests with manoeuvering about your property at night or in the early morning. 

What else do you do to get your home and garden fall-ready? Drop some inspiring ideas in the comments section below.