Lighting up your garden in autumn

Your garden has undergone a magical transformation this past couple of weeks, as the vibrant hues of summer have given way to the golden and fiery tones of autumn. While the air outside might be more crisp, with the right setup, you can continue to enjoy the cozy ambiance of these fall evenings. To do this, get yourself a heavy-duty structure to keep shelter from the rain, some ample fall lighting, and lots of blankets to keep you warm while creating an atmosphere that enhances your ability to spend more time outside. Listed below are some creative ways to light up your garden this season. 

Fairy lights within the foliage

Just because we don’t specialize in fairy lighting, doesn’t mean we don’t think they look beautiful intertwined among the branches and foliage of trees and shrubs. Opt for a warm, dry day for your fairy light installation, and be sure to strategically arrange them to highlight your greenery’s changing leaves. 

Glow up your pathways

By lining pathways and the edges of your garden beds with soft, glowing lights, you’re making nighttime navigation more seamless, while adding to the beauty of your outdoor surroundings. Pathway lights are the perfect mix of safety and charm, guiding your way when fall evenings become longer. 

Illuminate water features and larger garden features

Whether your outdoor space is outfitted with a pond, fountain, hedges, or some big trees, you can illuminate them with the appropriate lights. Underwater pond lighting plays with the effect of light on water, whereas directional lighting can be placed under your greenery pointing upwards or installed from above pointing down. Both types of fall lighting enhance your garden at night, offering that surreal feeling all season long. 

Add some unique lighting choices

With temperatures plummeting on such a large scale, it’s safe to incorporate other types of lighting elements such as lanterns, torches, candles, and a nice fire pit to enjoy outside with your loved ones. The flickering flames of these light sources add both warmth and an ambient glow while enabling you to host the most desired autumn gatherings. 

Whether you’re a huge fan of this time of year or of the great outdoors in general, with the sun setting earlier, it’s important to use fall lighting as a backdrop for your outside surroundings. After all, who wants to be forced indoors when the solution lies with simple light installation?

What’s your favorite time of year to spend outside? Drop a comment below to explain why.