How to install directional lighting and what it works best for

As one of the most commonly purchased light fixtures on the market, directional lighting isn’t a new phenomenon. With such a versatile and dynamic way to add both functionality and ambiance to outdoor living space, directional lighting offers a way to better spotlight your favorite outside areas. By simply focusing the light where it’s needed, you can easily highlight artwork, architectural features, or greenery into frame with widespread or narrow illumination. If you want to learn more about how this is done, continue reading to explore how directional lighting is installed and the scenarios where it works best.

How to install directional lighting

Aside from deciding that your garden is in need of some added brilliance, there are some steps you should take when installing directional lighting:

Plan first: Identify the areas or objects that you want to highlight. Some examples could include your favorite tree or a vibrant water feature. Consider the directional light fixture that would best suit the space—original bullet lights, modern bullet lights, or flood lighting.

Fixture selection: The appropriate fixture isn’t always about looks, but about purpose. Each directional light option offers the flexibility to shift light around by creating an uplight or downlight effect. 

Power source: Be sure that you have a power source nearby for your chosen fixture. All of our directional lighting can be easily installed using our instruction sheets.

Placement: Determine the optimal spot for your fixtures to sit by considering the angle and distance that’s required to achieve your desired lighting effect. Be sure to avoid glare by positioning your fixture in a way that directs light away from your line of sight.

Direction and adjustment: Once installed you can adjust the direction of your fixture to bring illumination to certain areas of your outdoor space. Plus, you can experiment with angles to create dramatic shadows. 

What are the best ways to utilize directional lighting?

Not only can directional lighting transform the way you showcase your garden’s best features but it can be used to bring out added textures and details within your chosen greenery. Whether you want to highlight artwork, exposed brick walls, ornate moldings, trees, shrubs, flower beds, or garden features, directional lighting has the power to enhance the aesthetics and security of your outdoor spaces. If illuminating your garden isn’t your desired use for directional lighting, don’t underestimate their power to highlight pathways by creating a functional and stunning nighttime atmosphere. 

Are you ready to install some directional lighting? Which fixture interests you most?