Landscape Design for Any Outdoor Space

There is something so divine and calming about a beautiful landscape. Landscapes provide a connection to nature and an opportunity to bring the inside beauty of a home to the outside for all to enjoy.

Landscape designs are not necessarily set apart for the extravagant home. Urban apartment spaces, outdoor patios, small condominium window boxes, or homes in the country—all spaces can enjoy a little greenery, foliage, and special lighting to awaken the senses and draw on the majesty of the great outdoors.

Small spaces

If you live in an apartment or small home where outdoor space is a high-priced commodity, don’t fret. You can build a small landscape and appreciate the outdoors no matter how limited your space is. If you have some yard space, consider a well-lit fountain feature or a rose bush that will climb a fence. If a windowsill constitutes your outdoor paradise, potted plants or bonsai trees will fit perfectly. “Grassless” gardens fare very nicely on rooftops as well.


Your landscape need not be expensive. Unless your delight is exotic plants and high-end furnishings, any person on any income level can find beautiful greenery to fill their landscape. Solar lights are also a low-cost alternative to expensive lighting fixtures and save homeowners money on electric bills.


Once you determine your price point and your space constraints, it’s time to select the elements of your design. Imagine what you want to feel when you look at your outdoor elements. If you are landscaping a large yard, consider the night sky and the overall experience you desire with your landscape.

Ask yourself these questions:

Do you plan on entertaining in your outdoor space?
Will the space be used for personal relaxation?
Do you like loud colors?
Do you prefer to feel relaxed and calm or fun and energetic in your space?
Are you a low-maintenance person?

If you plan on using the space for entertaining, it’s important to leave room for seating and adequate lighting. Lighting is not only an elegant design element, but it also provides a safe environment for you and your guests.

Next, assess whether you are using the place for relaxation or for fun. Essentially the space can be used for both, but overall the look and feel will lean towards one side of the spectrum. For inspiration, cut out magazine clippings or print out online images of the style you desire for your landscape. Whether a small or big space, you can glean from these resources for design inspiration.

Keep your landscape design simple if you do not want to deal with the hassle of maintenance. If you can hire a professional to maintain your landscape then by all means go for the gold. In the end, regardless of what you choose, you should feel comfortable with the level of maintenance.

Whether a potted plant or an acre of exotic flowers, your landscape is wherever you call home. As long as you feel comfortable with the level of outdoor beauty, any outdoor space can be designed to feel right at home.