Spring to-dos: Put in landscape lighting

Is your home’s nighttime curb appeal lacking? Not only do outside landscape lights add a measure of safety and security to your surroundings but exterior-grade fixtures also look great when illuminating steps, trees, stonewalls, fences, and other prominent landscape features. Whether your primary goal is to install some decorative lighting as a means of standing out on your street or you simply want fixtures that function with purpose, you can achieve both and more by putting in outside landscape lights this spring. Continue reading if you want to know where to start step-by-step.

Step 1: Review your landscape

While outside landscape lights are a simple improvement, they can make a huge difference in how your home looks when the sun goes down. Before you place a large order online, take some time to review your surroundings and envision which areas you want to highlight. Typically, walkways, steps, and driveways are the most important if safety is a factor, and if you want to secure your property, consider adding additional lighting pointing up at trees, along your fenceline, and the walls on the side of your home. Now, tally up what you need to make that happen—a transformer, number of fixtures, and additional lighting accessories. Now, order and anticipate the arrival of your items.

Step 2: Layout your components

Unpackage your fixtures and set them out on the ground or in areas where you want to install them. Be sure to put them about eight to ten feet apart. 

Step 3: Turn over your sod

Inground outside landscape lights are installed as the name suggests, in the ground. Move your light fixtures out of the way. Then, take a flat-blade shovel and slide it underneath the top layer of grass. Then lift the handle to separate the grass from the soil and hold over this scalped portion of sod. Continue in this manner until your project is complete. 

Step 4: Plug in your transformer

Run a cable up to the outdoor electrical outlet. Then use wire strippers to cut the cable and strip off half an inch of the rubber insulation. Slide your stripped wires under the two terminal screws at the bottom of your transformer and tighten them to hold the cable securely in place. Drive a wooden stake into the ground next to the outlet and screw in the transformer. It can then be mounted anywhere you choose. 

Step 5: Make the electrical connections

Slip your connections over the cable that goes to your transformer. Your fixtures should light up if the connection is good.

Step 6: Prepare holes for fixtures

Now it’s time to set all of your light fixtures back into position. Make a hole in the ground for your stake to go into, place the fixture in and add soil to make it hold sturdy. 

Which outside landscape lights are the best for spring?

Although all types of outside landscape lights work well for spring conditions, we recommend installing the following when completing your spring to-dos:

Aside from lighting installation, what else is on your spring to-do list? Drop a comment below to share.