Outdoor Improvements on the Rise

Beneath Starry Skies

Photo by Casa Smith Designs, LLC

Looking to upgrade your outdoor decor? Well, you’re not alone! According to The 2016 U.S. Houzz Landscaping Trends Survey, homeowners across the country and looking to improve their landscape lighting and beautify their outdoor living areas now more than ever. One of the biggest leaps American homeowners making is the always cost-effective, energy-efficient, and eco-friendly switch to landscape LEDs. Accordingly, the overall percentage of homes powered by LED lights will rise from 28% to 32% in 2016 alone. That’s what we like to hear! And who do we have to thank for making this switch? Well, the Western states are the main buyers of LED lights, with 35% of Western households planning to add LED lighting to their current lighting solutions, followed by 31% in the South, 29% in the Northeast, and 27% in the Midwest. With such minute differences between each area, I think we can agree that homeowners across America deserve a pat on the back and a gorgeous outdoor space!

Among the outdoor features that homeowners are planning to illuminate are:

Additionally, more than half of these outdoor-appreciating homeowners (52%, to be exact) plan to hire a landscape contractor or designer/architect, and 5% are even opting to hire a lighting specialist to achieve the very best outdoor lighting display their money can buy – and we think that’s a beautiful thing. The benefits of having a perfectly lit landscape are timeless and priceless. If you’ve read our past blogs or have ever walked by a well lit garden in your neighbourhood, you know the difference the right lighting can make. We never want our buyers to be bothered with the unknowns of light temperature, voltage levels, or shadow casting. However, we also know that the DIYing is both gratifying and cost-effective. That’s why we offer the very best customer service, product lines, and outdoor lighting solutions for all of our Best Pro Lighting buyers. Be a natural landscape lighting pro with the help of the Best Pro Lighting team!

To join the movement and add amazing landscape lighting to your property, check out our wide range of LED bulbs and LED light fixtures, and get in touch with a Best Pro Lighting representative today for quick answers and lasting solutions.

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