A Beginner’s Guide to Choosing Landscaping Flowers

A garden without flowers is similar to a painting without color. The fact that flowers do much more than just lend color to your landscape adds to the appeal factor. However, choosing the right kinds of flowering plants can be quite a difficult decision because of the sheer variety available.… Read the rest

Robotic Lawnmowers for a Beautiful Landscape

A stunning landscape usually comes with a lawn that matches it in grandeur. But maintaining a great big lawn takes time and effort that many don’t have to spare. A robotic lawnmower is more than just a convenience. Once you use one, you’ll think of it as nothing less than a necessity to keep your lawn trimmed perfectly – with zero effort on your part.… Read the rest

Small Plot Landscaping and Lighting Ideas

When you have a small plot with which to work, landscaping and lighting can be as much a challenge as it is for a larger piece of property. The limitations of space are obvious, but there are also limitations based on the type of landscape and lighting components that will work well without compromising the quality of overall work.… Read the rest

Solar Deck Lighting for a Truly Green Look

Solar power is the talk of the town these days. With the impending energy crisis constantly on everyone’s mind, most people are turning to eco-friendly alternatives for everything from basic lighting needs to extensive green home alterations.

As someone with a green thumb, you have probably already considered several options for lighting up your garden.… Read the rest