3 Ideas for Budget Landscaping

A budget landscape doesn’t necessarily equate to a less-than-average landscape. There are specific areas and methods where budget landscaping can work wonders for your wallet and leave your garden looking spruce and neat at the same time.

Idea 1: Budget Lawn

Consider a cheaper variety of grass.… Read the rest

Whimsical Garden Ornament Ideas for Landscaping

Landscaping your garden can be a fun project, but if you have any experience with it, you’ll know that you can run out of ideas faster than you can say “garden gnome!” Although these lively characters can be a wonderful idea on their own, there’s more to garden ornaments than gnomes.… Read the rest

Xeriscaping: The Art of Landscape Water Conservation

The word Xeriscape (from the Greek word xeros, meaning dry) was coined by employees at Denver Water, Denver, Colorado’s water department, to describe a landscape design that minimizes water usage. The term has now come to encompass all methods of landscaping geared toward the conservation of water, and is fast becoming an ideal set of methodologies to create sustainable landscapes, especially in arid areas.… Read the rest

Composting: Fertilize Your Landscape for Free

Fertilizer is expensive. Maintaining a landscape takes an ample amount of money, planning, and upkeep, and most landscapers look for ways to cut costs wherever possible. That’s why many are switching from using traditional fertilizer to composting. Not only is it a way to trim the fat from your landscaping bill, it’s great for the environment as well.… Read the rest

Top 3 Myths That Can Lead to Landscaping Disasters

There is so much information on the internet about landscaping ‘ideas’ and ‘tips’ that it’s easy to get confused between what’s authoritative and what’s not.

Here are some common myths that can lead to expensive mistakes. These myth-debunkers are plain common sense, and you don’t need an astrophysicist to validate them.… Read the rest

Landscape Lighting: Science or Art?

The idea of landscape lighting was relatively simple in the past. You fitted bulbs into recesses in the ground or patio sides, installed a few spots in the trees, and that was the end of it. But today, people have seen the “light” and want more of an artistic approach to their garden or yard lighting.… Read the rest