The Business Benefits to Landscape Lighting

Whether you run a successful business out of your home or you see clients at your office, the proper outdoor environment constitutes the hallmark of a great first impression. Your appearance is your brand and first impressions really do matter.

As a business owner, you know that client meetings can become the foundation of your success.… Read the rest

How to Control Garden Weeds Organically

It’s the classic gardener’s dilemma—you want nice, fertile soil for your plants to grow, but it never fails that weeds shoot up right alongside your precious sprouts. Weeds are arguably the most prevalent garden nuisances, and they will single-handedly destroy your plants unless you take swift action to rectify the situation.… Read the rest

3 Eco-friendly Outdoor Holiday Lighting Ideas

When the holidays come around, you want to make sure your outdoor lights are perfect for the occasion. Even if you don’t celebrate, there’s something about “I survived 12.21.2012” that will give you something to be glad for! Besides, everyone is in a festive mood, so it’s a great time to light up your yard and join in the festivities.… Read the rest

Using Lanterns to Beautify Your Outdoor Landscape

Outdoor lanterns have become one of the most popular lighting fixtures for landscapes. Homeowners recognize the need to bring aesthetic style into every aspect of their yards and lanterns are the perfect marriage of function and design.

Outdoor lanterns can be added to virtually any part of the landscape, whether decks, patios, gardens or any other area.… Read the rest

The Creative Process Behind Landscape Design

There’s nothing worse than a beautiful home on a dull-looking yard. This scenario can make even the most creative person overwhelmed. As daunting as it may seem, the creative landscape design process is not very difficult. It simply requires a little imagination, some good thoughts and additional resources to support your goals.… Read the rest